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Past newsletters:

  • Holiday Newsletter 2023 - highlights from the year, SISI team attends Nature of Scotland awards, mink cam encounters, PhD opportunity
  • Autumn 2023 - plant control season, Helping it Happen award win, SISI Project Conference, mink project update
  • Summer 2023 - Project Conference, an update on invasive plant control, mink project update, SISI on STV news, CIEEM awards
  • Mink Tracks, Spring 2023 - An update on our mink control project from the past two years (2021 & 2022) (pdf)
  • Project Extension Special March 2023 - Project extension, Nature Restoration Fund grant, plans for SISI Phase 2
  • Holiday News 2022 - New Year plans, holiday news, Solutions to the Nature-Climate Crisis Event, giant hogweed seedling trial results
  • Autumn 2022 - knotweed control season, case studies, final releases from primary school film project, BBC Out of Doors interview
  • Summer 2022 - Invasive plant control update, school film project, Minister Lorna Slater visits project, mink control update
  • Winter 2021 - Nature of Scotland Award win, webinars, mink control update
  • Autumn 2021 - Japanese knotweed, schools film project, balsam bashing
  • Mink Tracks, Spring 2021 - An update on our mink control project last year (2020) and project progress to date (pdf)
  • Springing into action, Spring 2021 - Spring invasives, new seasonal staff, reporting an invasive, 2020 in numbers 
  • Winter 2020 - Reflections on 2020 - the year we stayed at home
  • Education Special, Autumn 2020 - Education resources, Alien Detectives 
  • Summer 2020 - Welcoming back volunteers, Alien Detectives
  • Mink Tracks, Spring 2020 - An update on our mink control project (pdf) 
  • Winter 2019/20 - Looking back on 2019, Out of the office and into nature, Spotlight on Butterbur
  • Autumn 2019 - High tech trap monitoring, Species spotlight on Japanese knotweed
  • Summer 2019 - Mink Dispersal, Species Spotlight on Himalayan balsam 
  • Spring 2019 - Invasive species Week, Looking back on 2018, Focus on American mink
  • Invasive Species Week Special - Events & Activities
  • Winter 2018 - Project introduction


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