Mink raft volunteer

Ali works as a carer for the eldery and wanted to volunteer with an activity to help the environment. She saw an article about SISI in the newspaper and the rest is history!  Ali monitors two sets of mink monitoring rafts in the Carse of Gowrie and has learnt lots about the birds and wildlife in the area from staff and other volunteers. 

She said; "Feeling that I am participating in a very worthwhile initiative, contributing to conservation efforts in my local environment with the opportunity is really important to me. I've also got some great memories from my volunteering already; I took my visiting family down to the mink rafts to show them how the operation worked, I tried to keep a straight face when my sister slipped and ended up waist deep in the freezing cold water of the reed-bed, at the same time grabbing onto my mum, who then fell on top of her! No injuries were incurred but much embarrassment and some very smelly clothes ..."