Wester Ross area

Our project partner in the Wester Ross area is the Skye and Lochalsh Rivers Trust - a new organisation formed following a restructuring of our previous project partner the Skye and Wester Ross Fisheries Trust. 

Several non-native species are of concern in the Wester Ross area including the American mink, which has been spotted occasionally and Rhododendron ponticum which has been spreading along several water courses.

The main priority for the Wester Ross area in working with the Scottish Invasive Species Project is to ensure a wide and effective network of mink monitoring rafts, looked after by volunteers to ensure that any American mink moving into the area are quickly detected and trapped before colonising the area. In addition work is being done to remove Japanese knotweed, Himalayan balsam and American skunk cabbage from localised sites where it is present. 


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