Cromarty Firth Fishery Trust

The Cromarty Firth Fishery Trust has a remit for the conservation of all native fish species within the region and the habitats which support them. The Cromarty Firth area extends from Tarbet Ness in the north to the Conon Bridge in the south and Achnasheen in the west and covering the catchment area of all rivers flowing into the Firth.  The objective of the Trust is the promotion and undertaking of research into a study of the fresh water fishery resources (including salmon and sea trout) and associated habitats, and to advance education and raise awareness of fishery resources, habitats and their conservation.

Invasive Species control work has been carried out for many years, and includes control of Himalayan balsam, Giant hogweed, Japanese knotweed, American mink and Coneflower, a locally problematic invasive flower along the River Conon.


Ross Glover (Director); [email protected]  Tel. 07788 459560


Ben Seaman (Biologist); [email protected]  Tel. 07552 445489