Dee and flexible SPO vacancy notice 2024

Dee and flexible SPO job description 2024

Spey SPO vacancy notice 2024

Spey SPO job description 2024

FNLRT SPO vacancy notice 2024

FNLRT SPO job description 2024

Dee SPO vacancy notice 2024

Esks and Tay SPO job description 2024

Esks and Tay SPO vacancy notice 2024

14. Presentation - Colin Bean - Pink salmon an emerging threat in Scottish freshwater ecosystems

13. Presentation - Laura Bambini - Biosecurity for Scotland's seabird islands

12. Presentation - Zarah Pattison - Riverbanks as battlegrounds - How does Himalayan balsam change riparian habitats

11. Presentation - Rob Dewar - National Trust for Scotland - Turning a Problem into a Solution

10. Presentation - Jane Hamilton - Flocking to the rescue - our woolly warriors tackling giant hogweed using sheep grazing

9. Presentation - Mark Purrmann-Charles - Strategic invasive plant control

8. Presentation - Emma Sheehy - Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels - Progress towards eradication of grey squirrels from Aberdeen

7. Presentation - Tony Martin - Golf balls, scent lures, smart traps - a recipe for mink removal in mainland Britain

6. Presentation - Xavier Lambin - Reducing the acute impacts of American mink on rural livelihoods and biodiversity in Chilean and Argentinian Patagonia

5. Presentation - Karen Muller - Beyond the banks, navigating the waters of American mink monitoring and control

4. Presentation - Callum Sinclair - Scottish Invasive Species Initiative - Landscape scale management delivered locally

3. Presentation - James Russell - Predator Free New Zealand_ conservation country

Presentation - Francesca Osowska - Invasive non-native species - why they matter and the importance of control

Mink Tracks Newsletter April 2023

SISI Project Officer - Esks - Job description

SISI Project Officer - Esks - Job Advert

SISI Project Officer - Deveron - Job description

SISI Project Officer - Deveron - Job Advert

SISI Project Officer - Cromarty, Ness and Beauly - Job description

SISI Project Officer - Cromarty, Ness and Beauly - Job advert

Castle Water Case Study

Muckle Burn Case Study

Ravenscraig Castle to Inverugie Case Study

Himalayan balsam control on the North Ugie Water, Aberdeenshire

Site Study: Japanese knotweed control on the Sheriff Burn, a tributary of the River Don, Aberdeenshire

Site Study - Japanese knotweed on the Upper Ugie Mainstem

Ury burn - Aberdeenshire - Case study

Tay Biosecurity Plan

2.6 Make a Wardian case

Plant Hunters Game

2.5 Plant Collecting Notes

2.4 Plant hunting adventures boardgame notes

Site Study - Moulin Burn

Aberfeldy site study

Site Study - Inglesmaldie

Site Study - Dunkeld Bridge, River Tay

mink tracks june 2021

mink tracks march 2020

Macduff sheep grazing trial 2021

Spey Biosecurity plan

FNL biosecurity plan

SISI Case study - The Rosy Burn

7 balancing dragonfly

7 ladder solutions

7 ladder rivers

7 ladder plant

7 ladder mink

7 crossword biosecurity

8 animal solutions 2

8 general solutions

7 crossword solutions

7 Crossword general

Alien Detectives curriculum links

Alien detectives certificate

7 Mink and otters game

8 plants solutions

8 biosecurity solutions

8 biosecurity medium

8 biosecurity large

8 biosecurity small

7 biosecurity giant

7 pathfinder solutions

7 pathfinder plants 2

7 pathfinder plant 1

7 pathfinder animals 2

7 pathfinder animal 1

7 pathfinder general 2

7 pathfinder general 1

5.3 Monitor mink raft

3 Top trumps - plants

3 Top trumps - animals

7 Pictogram answers

7 Animal print solution

7 Animal print quiz

7 native seed paper

7 exploding seed pod

7 water vole mask

7 Mink mask

Mink mask.pdf328.65 KB

7 Otter mask

5.4 Footprint trap

2.3 Where in the world

3.2 Design an alien

1.5 Endangered species game

2.1 Around the world map

2.1 Around the world

6.7 Sound map

6.6 Tracks and signs spotter sheet

6.6 Tracks and signs

6.5 Pooh sticks

6.4 caught on camera

6.3 wildlife recording

6.2 electrofishing

6.1 River dipping

5.2 Remove Himalayan balsam

5.1 Alien plant survey sheet

5.1 Alien plant survey

4.4 Biosecurity poster

4.3 no seeds please

4.2a problems and preventions

4.2 The preventable problem

4.1b biosecurity action statments and colouring pics

4.1a river scene

4.1 biosecurity basics

3.1 What makes a successful alien pdf version

3.1 What makes a successful alien ppt

3.4 Impact of mink

2.2 Alien landings

1.4 Alien bingo cards

1.4 Alien bingo

1.3 Scene of crime report

1.2 Native or not quiz ppt

1.2 Native or not

1.1 Introduction to Aliens pdf version

1.1 Introduction to Aliens ppt

Coronavirus update for Volunteers

SISI Project Officer Job Advert

SISI Project Officer Job Description

Case study Giant hogweed and sheep grazing Jan 2020

test school ppt

Seasonal PO Deveron Job description

1.2 Flash cards

Balancing dragonfly

Mammal masks

Ticks and Lyme Disease

Volunteer safety guidelines


Volunteer E of I form Gaelic

Volunteer Handbook Gaelic version

Student Volunteering Opportunities

SISI project area map

SISI Volunteering Policy Gaelic

Case Study - White Butterbur Trials

Case Study - Inverbervie community

SISI Volunteer Handbook

Volunteer Safety Guidelines Outdoor Work

SISI Volunteering Policy

Mink Raft guidelines

Anglers leaflet

Kayak leaflet

Boating leaflet

Giant Hogweed Best Practice Manual

Expression of interest form

SISI Expression of interest form restricted editing

Employee Volunteering Opportunities

SISI Privacy Notice

Expression of interest form 2

SISI project area

More about what to expect in the SISI project area document

Invasive species wordsearch

Volunteer Expression of Interest form

Pond booklet

Biosecurity event support guidance

Check Clean Dry angling leaflet

Check Clean Dry boating leaflet

landscaping booklet

Gardening booklet

Auldtown grazing report 2017

Himalayan Balsam

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