Activities, games and puzzles

Section 7. Activities, Games and Puzzles

These invasive species themed activities, games and puzzles are great to reinforce some of the things you've learnt about aliens - or to complete on their own for fun! There are activities and crafts to make, games to play with a friend and lots of puzzles like word-searches and crosswords to solve

Perfect for an Alien Detective to brush up on their invasive non-native species knowledge!

You are welcome to copy and share these resources for personal and educational use. All content is ©Scottish Invasive Species Initiative.



Get creative with these activities and crafts.

Otter, mink and water vole masks

Print on thin card, colour in, cut out and make a mask!

Make a magic balancing dragonfly!

Print our lovely dragonfly on thin card, colour it in, cut it out, put a paperclip on each wing and watch it balance on the tip of your finger!

Make an exploding seed pod

The Himalayan balsam flower has an exploding seed pod that can throw its seeds 7 metres! Make your own seed pod and see if you can fling your seeds as far as the Himalayan balsam plant.

Native flower seed paper

Make some native flower seed samples using recycled paper making and plant them out to help areas recover.



Card games, board games, group running games...

Invasive species battleships

Our take on this classic game, can you locate the invasive species on your opponents river and remove them first?

Invasive species top trumps

Who is the most invasive of them all? We've got two sets of top trumps for you to play so challenge your friends and have some fun while brushing up on your invasive species knowledge. 

Otters and Mink

This is a great group game for reinforcing any activities or topics you've been doing with your group. It's a true/false tag game and we've even provided a list of true/false invasive species statements to get you started. (Group, hall/outdoor)



Puzzles galore!

Invasive species crosswords

Test your knowledge of invasive non-native species by tackling our alien species crossword puzzles.

Animal prints quiz

How well do you know your animal prints? Match up the prints with the animal that left them.

Pictogram puzzles

Can you solve the picture clues and work out the name of the invasive species?


Word ladder puzzles

Can you change one letter on each rung of the ladder to change the top word into the bottom word? Some of these are easy with picture clues, some are quite a challenge!

Pathfinder puzzles

Can you create a continuous path through the grid of letters spelling out all the invasive species related words? We've got several pathfinder puzzles for you to tackle!



We've got a whole range of wordsearches for you to solve!  To help you choose we've listed them by topic and there are four sizes to choose from; small (easy), medium, large and giant (hard).  

Wordsearch - invasive animals

These wordsearches feature invasive non-native animals, perfect for reinforcing those alien animal species you've come across.

Wordsearch - invasive plants

Lots of names of invasive plant species in these wordsearches.

Wordsearch - biosecurity

These wordsearches are full of biosecurity related words.

Don't forget there are lots more activities on the main Alien Detectives page.


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