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Do you want to learn about Invasive Non-Native (Alien) Species and get equipped with the skills to tackle them?

We can help volunteers and groups gain skills and qualifications that will help you manage invasive species on the ground, so read on to find out about training opportunities.

Or could you be an Alien Detective? On these pages you'll find some fun things to do, how we can bring Aliens to your school, watch some fantastic films produced by schools, and access links to other online resources.


** Please read our coronavirus (COVID-19) information to find out our current position regarding group work and training provision.** 


For volunteers and groups

Qualifications & Training

We want to provide volunteers and groups with the skills that they need to be able to undertake practical invasive species management. This will provide a sustainable future for invasive species control in northern Scotland and a true and meaningful legacy to the Scottish Invasive Species Initiative.

We can provide our volunteers with opportunities to gain pesticide application qualifications and first aid certificates, and gain training in survey technique, wildlife identification, group managment etc. We can pay the fees for some of these courses to remove barriers to anyone interested gaining these qualifications.  Interested?

Read more about what qualifications and training you could gain


For schools

An Alien in School

Our project officers or staff from the fishery trusts are ready (subject to availability) to work with your class using a combination of games and activities to help pupils discover what an invasive alien species is, why they are a problem and what we can do about it. This might look like;

  • Classroom visit - an introduction to invasive species in Scotland, design an invasive species
  • Outdoor site visit - (depending on school locality), site visit to see invasive plants, set up a mink monitoring raft, remove invasive species.

If you'd like to arrange a visit please get in touch with your local project officer or fishery trust (see contact us) or alternatively email [email protected]  

Alien Detectives

logoYou can also use our comprehensive educational resource pack 'Alien Detectives' to deliver the topic of Invasive Non-Native Species to your class yourself.  Don't worry - no prior knowledge needed - we've made it self-explanatory and there are full instructions and answers with every activity. 

Go to Alien Detectives page

Schools Film Project

We are making movies! We've teamed up with professional film-makers to deliver a fantastic film-making project for primary schools.  The pupils discover all about invasive non-native species and then learn all about film making and then create a film about some aspect of invasive species.

Take a look at the Film Project page to watch the films and find out more about.

So far we have "The story of American mink in Scotland" by Scourie Primary School,


Angling development

We can bring angling to your school and let your class have a go at some fun fishing! 

Angling is an important recreational and economic activity across Scotland, but one that is seeing local community fishing organisations struggling to recruit junior members. We want to help increase the number of junior anglers in the project area by breaking down barriers to participation and promoting angling as an activity for young people. 

We will be working with our local fishery trusts to provide primary and secondary school classes the opportunity to participate in a series of 'experience angling events' which may include visits to stocked trout fisheries, participation in bait fishing, spinning and fly fishing and kick sampling and electrofishing. 

All the necessary equipment (fishing rods etc) and health & safety equipment (life jackets etc) are provided. 

If you have a class that would be interested in our Angling Development opportunity then please get in touch with your local project officer or fishery trust (see contact us) or alternatively email; [email protected]   


For everyone

Alien Detectives

'Alien Detectives' is an online resource full of fun, challenging activities, crafts, puzzles and games that you and your family will enjoy. 

Go to Alien Detectives page

John Muir Award

The John Muir Award is an environmental award that encourages people of all backgrounds to connect with, enjoy and care for wild places through a structured yet adaptable scheme. It's non-competitive, inclusive and accessible. The award is suitable for individuals, families, groups or schools.

Our project officers and fishery trust staff have been trained in delivering the John Muir Award, so if you as an individual volunteer would like support in achieving it, or we can help your school class with your conserve days then please don't hesitate to get in touch and discuss it with us further.

Read more about the John Muir Award



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