Report an American mink sighting

If you've seen an American mink - tell us about it.

Please use the below form to report your American mink sighting - you can also report mink signs e.g. tracks.  If you'd like to report an invasive plant please use the plant form

We will investigate all mink sightings that are within our project area (generally Perthshire, Angus, Aberdeenshire, Moray and Highland) look to set up mink monitoring rafts and/or traps in the area if appropriate.

If you could help with monitoring a raft (checking it for footprints every week or two) or a trap (requires daily visits) add a note into the 'Additional information' box and we will get in touch with you. Read more about volunteering with our mink project.

Not sure if it was a mink?  View the mink ID sheet.

If using a mobile device click here to open the form.



*Please ensure you scrolled to the bottom of the form and clicked the "submit" button*

Thank you for submitting your mink sighting.




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