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    This page has some some handy links and notes to help you deliver the Alien Detectives resource to your group.

    If you have any further questions or if you know of any other resources we should add to this page then get in touch and let us know – we can add them to the list below so that others can use them too. 
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    Curriculum for Excellence

    Studying the concept of invasive non-native species will enable pupils not only to learn about and make a difference in their local environment but to consider a global issue, to reflect on the social influences of humans, and to ponder their own role as individuals.

    The Alien Detectives education pack is most suitable for second level, but several activities are also suitable for first and third level and the topics can easily be expanded to make them more challenging/easier as required.

    The various activities will help your pupils achieve a variety of experiences and outcomes across many of the curriculum areas which are summarised here; Alien Detectives Curriculum Links 


      Help and advice

      People to help

      • Our SISI Project Officers
        If you are in an area where one of our Project Officers or fishery trust partners are, we'd be happy to help deliver all the Alien Detectives activities, both in the classroom and outdoors.
        Have a look at our project area or our contacts list, or alternatively drop us an email at [email protected] 

      • Fisheries & Rivers Trusts
        On this page (Fisheries Management Scotland) is a list of all the Fisheries & Rivers Trusts in Scotland. These people might be able to help you with your outdoor river activities like river dipping and Electro-fishing.

      • Ranger Services
        Click here for a list of all Countryside rangers in Scotland. You might be able to ask your local ranger to help you with an outdoor activity like river or pond dipping.

      Taking your class outdoors


      Background material

      Places to go to find out more about Invasive Non-Native Species

      • GB Non-Native Species Secretariat (NNSS) website
        The lead body on tackling invasive species in the UK. Lots of information about invasive species, how to tackle them and about biosecurity, including:
         - Invasive species ID sheets (downloadable pdf's for each species)

      • Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH)
        A handy summary about the laws relating to invasive species.
      • Plantlife
        Couple of downloadable fact sheets; invasive species and the law and a guide to banned invasive plants.
      • CABI invasives
        The Invasive Species Compendium is a search database you can use to find out lots more about a particular species. However there is a vast amount of information here, much of it scientific and technical, but if you have a specific question the answer will be in here somewhere! 



      • Encyclopedia Britannica
        A general summary of invasive species including a short 3 min animated video telling the story of the global problem of invasive species.
      • Marine invasive species animated video - if you interested in finding out about the invasive species in Britain's marine environment this is a great little video to watch. 
      • Welsh plant pest video - this video is about the threat to plants and crops from invasive species and diseases, and how to prevent introductions. 


      • SISI Flickr page - We've put lots of our photos on here for anyone to download and use
      • GB NNSS - Gallery of invasive species images




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