Ness & Beauly Fisheries Trust

The Ness & Beauly Fisheries Trust aims to protect and enhance native fish species within the River Ness and River Beauly Catchments along with a number of smaller coastal catchments.

As part of the SISI project Ness & Beauly FT will be tackling Giant hogweed at Munlochy (on the Black Isle) and the River Ness and associated burns (Inverness area).  They will be also tackling Japanese Knotweed in Beauly, Drumnadrochit and on the banks of the River Ness along with Skunk Cabbage and of course American Mink, throughout the catchment area.

The Trust will be doing this work with the help of volunteers and have already formed partnerships with Apex Scotland, Black Isle Mens Sheds, Developing the Young Workforce Inverness and the Woodland Trust.  

This work with SISI will continue the management of invasives already undertaken over the last few years with Coille Alba (a small environmental charity) and contractors treating Giant hogweed, Himalayan balsam and Japanese knotweed in Beauly, Munlochy, Drumnadrochit and the River Ness. 

Ness & Beauly FT are always on the look out for other local community groups to work with and would love to also hear from any individuals who want to get involved and help out with invasives management.


There are currently no staff directly employed by the Ness & Beauly Fisheries Trust.  The staff of the Ness District Salmon Fishery Board (DSFB) and the Beauly Fishery Board (BFB) are currently working with the SISI project in the interim.

Ness - Chris Daphne, Fisheries Officer : 07808 762052 : [email protected] 

Beauly - Ali Skinner, Fisheries Officer : 07786 741482 : [email protected]