West Sutherland Fisheries Trust

Based in the far north west of Scotland, the West Sutherland FT covers the area from Durness in the North to Achiltibuie (Nr Ullapool) in the south. We aim to help with the management of the rivers to ensure thriving fish populations for the future.

As part of the SISI project we will be removing Japanese knotweed, Himalayan balsam and American skunk cabbage plants from around the area. We will also be monitoring mink rafts with the help of our volunteers to ensure that if any mink move into the area we detect and control them immediately, so they don't get established in the north west.

We will also be out and about within the area talking to residents, water users and gardeners about biosecurity and the need to stop invasive non-native species from getting into the area.

Our partnership with SISI is a continuation of work undertaken since 2010 to monitor and remove invasive species. This project enables us to continue with the work in Nedd, Clashnessie, Badcall, Achriesgill, Badna Bay, Kinloch and Scourie and to expand to cover other settlements within the area.

We have built up a good network of volunteers over this time and we look forwards to continuing our work with these and new volunteers that come forward.


Shona Marshall

01971 502259

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